Like a Rock

While I’ve been writing (blogging) so little, my mind has been so busy. Restless. Active. With all the activities going on within and without me, I have gathered a treasure chest of experiences I am keen to share.

But not today.

Not really, anyway.

Sometimes I really just wish I could share all my thoughts. In their purest and rawest/realest form. Unrefined. Undefined. Just my thoughts. All the things going on within. Sometimes I muse, I wonder, I wander.. mentally. I’ve been told I look a bit snobby, stand-of-ish. Mentally occupied. Busy. The latter two are true. There are more conversations going on inside my mind than I can be bothered to externalize. You see, of recent I have come to understand the phrase “to protect the innocent” even more. Not everything can  or should be shared.. at least not with everyone.

I pray for the one I can literally amuse with the theatre of my mind. Performing both mono- and dialogues for an audience of one. Just one. One day, perhaps..

Today I shall share something close to my heart nonetheless: depend-ability and rely-ability. Living in Nigeria has made me appreciate so many things. That’s not to say I’ve been an ingrate all my life, don’t get me wrong. I haven’t. However, I am just realizing how abnormal some things really are. How it is not normal to be able to depend and rely on someone. Not within this context or environment anyway. How it is not normal to expect people to actually (be able to) do what they said they would do. How it is not normal to receive a working (in the sense of functioning) good you have paid for. How it is not normal to simply expect things to be normal.

Whenever I wonder about the sheer ludicrousness of some of my “Nigerian encounters” I am told to accept the fact that I have chosen to live within a different kind of normal. And it is funny how easily and readily many simply settled for this: Abnormality.

And then, my dad’s final words before my move to Lagos come to mind,

“When thou art come into the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations.” (Deut. 18:9)

“The abomination of a nation?” Some might call this a bit far-fetched or extreme. Well, I’ve written a mental piece on this. I’ll pin it down one day and share. God willing, soon..

But anyway, today, we’ll read what John Maxwell has to say on being dependable..

Like a Rock

“Now when Jesus looked at him, He said, ‘You are Simon the son of Jonah. You shall be called Cephas’ (which is translated, stone).” John 1:42

Dependability is important to every team’s success. Everyone on the team knows upon whom they can and can’t depend. Allow me to give you what I consider to be the essence of dependability:

1. Pure motives: If someone on the team continually puts themselves and their agenda ahead of what’s best for the team, they have proven themselves to be undependable. When it comes to teamwork, motives matter.

2. Responsibility: While motivation addresses why people are dependable, responsibility indicates that they want to be dependable.

3. Sound thinking: Dependability means more than just wanting to take responsibility. That desire must also be coupled with good judgment to be of real value to the team.

4. Consistent contribution: The final quality of a dependable team player is consistency. If you can’t depend on teammates all the time, then you can’t really depend on them any of the time. Consistency takes a depth of character that enables people to follow through no matter how tired, distracted, or overwhelmed they are.


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