What’s YOUR Goal?

To be great?
Win the lost.
An ambassador for God?

Or perhaps to make a lasting impact?
To create an effective positive change.
To be used and useful?

All these sound rather noble.
Quite wonderful goals indeed.

But are they really what it is all about?

What is it you live for? Dream and sing about? Meditate over, day and night?
What motivates you? Gives you hope?
If money or boldness wasn’t an issue, what would you be chasing after?

We -and indeed others (family, friends, ministers, spiritual leaders)- have worked hard to instill some beliefs, norms, goals in us. Telling and persuading us about what we should and should not care about; what really does (not) matter, what our life’s goal and purpose should be.

Today I want you to re-focus, re-think..
You might not get an answer today, or tomorrow, but as you re-focus, I pray He gives you a very clear and personal revelation. Your answer.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Please how can I place an order for lace?

  2. Mikel Writes says:

    Lace kwa? lol!
    Yinkus, you dey sell lace?

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