A Hundred-Dollar Bill

Something quite awesome happened just a few days ago; and although I admit to not having been a committed writer/blogger these past weeks, I simply could not but share..

Alright, so I’ve been trying to gather a small group of people for an independent Bible Study for some time yet. What this really is/means is a bunch of individuals coming together to study the word. To dig deep. The aim really was to (rather than finding appropriate verses to fit around or apply in order to overcome every-day situations) simply find out more about Him. His personality, His Word, His character. Simply getting to know Him.

I have somewhat of a problem with people trying to read between every single verse, overlooking the verse itself. Looking for a deeper meaning, without an understanding of the basics. Looking for a rhema (revealed word) without having given themselves to the studying and understanding of the logos (written word).

Anyway, so what it really is, is a simple Bible Study. Literally. And as we study, focusing on Him, His will, His word, His ways; we find out more about who we are.

But gathering people has been tough. Or maybe “gathering” is the wrong word. It has simply been difficult to keep announcing to, waiting on, and reminding people of it.

Oh, I’m sorry, I think I got the time wrong.
My boyfriend just got back from outside town.
Oh, sorry I’m still on the mainland.
I’m on my way. Please text me the address again.. 

Suffice it to say, the first three meetings had to be cancelled/postponed. And at some point I started wondering.. Am I sure I’m doing this for God? Surely, He can gather His own people if He wills. Am I promoting my own agenda here? Is this really what God wants? 


And in the midst of these questions, remembering the burden and passion He had been stirring within me for months, my dearest Tomatoe told me she had a friend who had been looking for someone to study the word of God with; simply get to know God and His word better.

Hope, after all?

And so it happened that we met: we talked, shared, discussed, studied. Once. And it was nice. So nice, she said we’d have to make it a more regular thing. And so we did.

Having stopped asking people whether they wanted to join an independent study group, I was once again approached in that regard, by three

So did the study ever happen?
It sure did!
Oh, why didn’t you tell me? I really want to be part of it!
Well, it’s still open to everyone. So if you want to join or just come, do!

And although I looked forward to them coming, the second meeting again was attended by myself and my new friend only.
Well, almost, that is. For something wonderful happened right there and then..

Going through the book of Isaiah, and looking at chapter 6 in particular, we considered his calling; comparing it to how God had called other servants of His; finding patterns, discovering similarities, analyzing the prophetic message behind names. And as we kept talking and discussing, looking at His word, the man who had been sitting on the table besides ours, drew closer and closer.. intrigued.. or offended? We were neither interrupted nor distracted.

And as I paused for a moment and looked at him, he said..

You are preaching a good message. A really good message. Breakfast today is on me!

He left, dropping a hundred-dollar bill.

Silence. Confusion.


I know what the Lord was telling me. What He wanted, and indeed needed me to know. And this is what I came to tell and share with you:

Whatever He tells you to do, do! And do it BELIEVING.

Most of us really do not have a problem doing His will. We do not mind going all out, sacrificing, and even doing all that on our own, if must be; what we do have a problem with, however, is believing we are doing right by Him.
We doubt.

First we doubt we are good enough to be used by Him, in the first place. We doubt we are worthy. Well, we are not; never were and never will be, we are simply loved and called, and so we step out of that confusion.
Having accepted that we are saved and called by His grace alone, we are uncertain as to how to serve Him best. We are confused about our purpose in life, our calling, our mission. But then, once our vision has been brought alive, we doubt we saw it clearly enough. For man sees in parts and prophesies in parts, right?
And we start all over again.. Where am I? Why am I here? What am I really doing? Perhaps I got it all wrong..

Well, I have come to say (and I understand that this might only be for a select few) you did not!

The hundred-dollar bill spoke to me clearly, not because of his little value, but because it was an encouragement in season.

When I could naturally have been discouraged and doubtful, which I was at some point, I chose to pull past it. Although it does not seem like much is happening, I am more than persuaded this is what He wants me to do. now! You see, most things are timely, seasonal. And sometimes, it really is about simply doing it now!

It proved to be a triple encouragement to me:

  • We had an awesome time in His presence and were both blessed (spiritually and mentally)
  • Someone else, who was not even of the flock, was blessed by it too
  • We received a tangible blessing on top of that

You see, what was really awesome was the fact that there were so many hidden blessings attached to a simple act of obedience. The fact that, although men did not care about what I was doing, God did. He was totally aware of it, He was pleased by it; and He decided to show us a tiny bit of His workings behind the scenes.


Many of us get discouraged too easily. Our investments yield little return initially, and we start wondering whether we invested into the real thing in the first place.
Sometimes it takes a while before you see the fruit of your labour, and even a longer one before you yield it. Sometimes you labour and toil and sweat and sacrifice, but nothing seems to be happening.. Well, I’ve come to encourage you to stay at it! To keep trying,keep doing, keep trusting Him. You can never out-serve or out-trust God. That’s why He is called The Faithful One.

And sometimes, in order not to forget, we need Stones of Remembrance. In form of a hundred-dollar bill, a scar, or simply a word.

Whatever He tells you to do, do.. and keep doing.. BELIEVING!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ivy says:

    Pls where do u have the bible study? Time and day please. Thanks

    1. DeMorrieaux says:


      well we choose different venues every week.
      The last one was at The Wheatbaker in Ikoyi.
      We thought about using Cafe Maison in Lekki1 for our next meeting. If you like, I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

  2. kay_sha1na says:

    Oh wow…the struggle to believe you are in his will…very distressing really and you are right Yinka, we really are not worthy but called.

  3. Oochay! says:

    Thanks for sharing this pinkus…it has given me loads of encouragement. Few days ago I also heard a sermon about asking God to increase our faith. I guess it has a tie.

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