The REAL You | Brook Ladies Event!!

Alright, this is strictly for The Ladies!!

We’ve been organizing this event for quite a while now and I’ve come to tell you a bit about THE REAL YOU!
One of my main challenges (anywhere and everywhere in the world) has been to find people who are simply real. People who feel comfortable in their own skin and being themselves; who are aware of both their weaknesses and strength, but love themselves anyway. People who embrace all they are and have; and hence others too.

I have found that people who generally feel uncomfortable in their own skin, want to make sure others do too. Instilling insecurities, magnifying other’s shortcomings, faking accents, ever buying in order to compete with others who are just as insecure. After all, one cannot carry last in anything.

We are so used to being someone else, at the very best a reflection of our own imagination, that we have forgotten what The Real You is and feels like.

This is exactly what the event is about: The Real You! 

For an insight to this, please watch the following video.. Who You Are

There will be food, drinks, pampering, and real talk! Talk about business, health, relationships.. what it means to be the 21st Century Woman. Many of define ourselves in light of what our marital status is (single, dating, engaged, married, divorced, it’s complicated), or in light of what we do (analyst, lawyer, business woman, mother, etc). But who are you really? And please, do not fear, this is not going to be a preaching or seminar either. It simply is REAL TALK! We have an amazing guest speaker who will share on her own experience: from loosing huge amounts of money through bad investments and business decisions, to fighting and overcoming cancer, and being the CEO of one of the biggest estate agencies in Africa! Mark your calendar!!

Date: October15 th (bank holiday)

Time: 10 am

Venue: Cafe Maison, 25 Adelowo Adedeji St, Off Admiralty Road, Lekki 1

Although the event is free of charge I really need you to pre-register by emailing (Subject: The Real You | Event).

*Special Announcement*
As part of the event, we want to give ladies the opportunity to share parts of who they are too. So, if you have spoken word pieces or poems you would like to share, please email these too. We will fit them into the schedule! Writing had a way of going deep. Of showing fears and struggles, issues and concerns, hopes and wishes you dare not verbally share. Well, all these are the real you we want to see/know! Please email samples of these too.