Akobi ti d’agba oo!!

Today is a special day..
It’s Akobi’s birthday!!

Akobi, the womb-opener, the first-born.
The one who stands, perhaps, as a symbol for first-fruit.
That which you believed, waited for, received, and re-dedicate to the Lord.

That’s what my sister was.. is.
A seed sown back.

And so, today I celebrate.
Not just my sister, but also my mom!

I celebrate a woman’s ability to search for and find.
To sow and to water.. whether there be evident growth or not.
Whether there be a reward or not.

And so, my prayer for you, my dear sister, is that this might indeed mark the beginning of fruitfulness for you.
Your household, your vision, your purpose.. may it all start blossoming; coming to fruition.
May the Lord water your efforts and increase you beyond your imagination.
May your womb (both natural and spiritual) start bearing powerful fruit!

Happy Birthday, Francesss!!! ❤


One Comment Add yours

  1. Fran'P says:

    THANK YOUUU!!! xxx

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