Strange Words from Familiar Voices

The Lord’s been taking me on a very interesting journey. He’s been very good to me,
He’s caused me to see and experience things I never knew I would or could, and yet here I stand.. strong.

You know, as the year comes to an end, we typically reflect about the year that just went by and wonder about the year that lies ahead. What it will be like, what we’ll do, and what He will do for us. A word.

Both believers and non- gather in church and are given a word for the coming year. A collective one. One that we are to hold on to, focus on, believe in, walk and war with.

For me, however, it has always been about “What’s He me, personally?”

In Dec 2011 He told me that He would spare my life in the next year. That was what He told me, “I will keep you alive.” and so I knew that, come Dec 31, 2012 I would have achieved it all if I was still breathing. And although I had many plans and wishes, expectations and hopes, my greatest was that: being kept alive. Needless to say, He was faithful.

In Dec 2012 He told me that in the coming year, He would make sure I would live up to my name: Victoria. And so I knew it would be a tough year! A year full of challenges. A year that would try me, test me, tempt me, challenge me; a year that would question my faith, my convictions, values and morals, my walk with Him, me. A year that would have the potential to break and destroy me.. if only He hadn’t given me a word to hold on to: the promise of victory. In 2013 I would (have to) overcome.
And boy, was it a tough one! I probably shed more tears than I did in all my previous years combined, was depressed and frustrated, and wondered just when He would show up and simply fight this battle for me. But on Dec 31, 2013 I cried, He had been faithful. My name had really been true for me: I overcame. Victory.

Over the past couple of weeks, He been showing me how to be silent. To listen. He’s taught me how to simply watch over my words. How to live in peace regardless of what’s going on around me, how to be at ease.
And you guessed it; if there was one thing the enemy tried to steal from me in that season, it was joy, laughter, and peace.

But the challenges were not going to disappear; and so He gave me a Scripture, one that was to keep me, stengthen me and build me: one for the coming year! During our last women’s prayer meeting at my church in Lagos, I encouraged the women to go home and ask the Lord for a Scripture that would see them through the coming year. A personal word that would keep them strong and encouraged. He gave me one first.

And as I read through the Psalm He had given me, I saw where He was taking me: on a journey of trusting Him and delighting myself in Him, come what may. Simply walking with Him, and doing that with peace, ease, and a smile. Sometimes serving the Lord is more than a chore than a joy. This year, however, He told me that He wanted me to be happy. To actually be happy. Not just have joy, but actually be happy. To laugh and enjoy my life, myself, my walk with Him, my relationship with others. And even if everything failed and everyone left me, to delight myself in Him anyway.

Naturally, I needed Him to confirm what I sensed my Word for 2014 was. And He did. He did four times, and just again this night. He sent me a prophet to speak His promises into my life, into my hearing again.. this time clearly; through the voice of His messenger. A familiar voice, speaking strange words.

And I simply could not but stand in awe of Him. I have known The Father’s care for me…

It’s been an interesting season, and the Lord is taking me on a journey. He’s taking you on one too! Sometimes it’s good to sit down, pause, listen; and trust what you’re hearing.

What’s He saying to you? I encourage you to take a moment, hour, day, week to hear Him speak. He will, through whispers or shouts, but He will speak. And when He does, listen and obey. It will not always be a promise of breakthrough, marriage, or greatness.. but it will definitely be a word of truth. And that’s all you really need.

May the hand of the Lord rest upon you like never before, and may His peace dwell in your hearts too. May He lead and direct you, even as you follow. And may you enter into a new season of clarity. For 2014 I wish you an intimate walk with Him that will bring Him glory, and you peace.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Great post…once again.
    Thank You!!!

  2. Tetra says:

    Maybe I should have done this too. Ask God to give me a personal word for 2014.
    I am always in church and always so focused on what the pastor’s tells the congregation God’s word is for the new year. I always pray to live up to whatever comes, and for strength to face all challenges, to make God proud. But maybe it makes sense to wait and hear from God myself.
    I think my problem is also that I get so confused. When do I know it’s really God speaking to me and not my mind or imagination? Like, how do I distinguish between the two? It can be so confusing. Listening to a man of God is probably just the lazier option. Not that it is wrong. No, it’s just easier to follow someone you are sure hears from God. But I guess that is what people mean when they says that Christianity is a personal relationship with God. Something to think and pray about. Thank you!

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