Beautiful Lagos | Dreams & Desires

We all know the feeling of being way over-due. Whether it be for marriage, relaxing your hair, or a simple treat.
You know, sometimes you really just want to treat yourself because you deserve it. If not that, at the very least because you can, right?
Well, last Friday my sister and I decided we both deserved and indeed needed to go to the salon. Call it being waaaaaay over-due.

Anyway, so there’s this Spa & Nail Studio in Lekki Phase 1 called Dreams and Desires.
I go there on a fairly regular basis. Not because they make all my dreams and desires come true- if that were true I’d be married by now- but because the place is rather pretty and the staff does their job well (enough).

While I got my nails and eyebrows done, my sis did her hair and yep, eye-brows too.

Below some pictures..

Dreams & Desires is located at  11A, Kayode Otitoju St (Road 38), off Admiralty Road, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.
W T 012770297 


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