Beautiful Lagos | Lages Babes..

I had quite the weekend! It was filled with activities, laughter, fun.. and pictures!
From the jazz night at the Banana Island Patisserie Friday night, to my usual Bible Study with a new cherished friend, a hangout and love-feast with some folks from church on Saturday, dining out, and games night at a friend’s home, I really had an awesome past few days.

I guess what this weekend did above anything and everything else, was made me realize that I had really found a new home. A place to rest, feel secure, feel useful, feel loved. A place and a people, indeed a surrounding and church-family that truly cared and really mattered.
During my time away I felt quite sad to come back; but seeing how much had changed within the span of just three weeks, I somehow wished I hadn’t left.
There’s something about – not necessarily feeling among- but feeling you belong. There are a number of places and people I feel connected to; and I am glad to say Lagos has become one.

I used to get offended when people teased me Lagos Babe, now I don’t mind (so much) anymore.

Anyway, so here I give you wonderful Lagosians..


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  1. Patty says:

    Lovely pics and lovely yellow shoes!!!

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