Excessive Vanity Shots

I’m not excessively vain. I like to believe there is not an ounce of vanity to be found in me, my entire universal being.
I’d like to believe..

I’m not excessively proud of any particular achievements or abilities, really. I’m not. At least not excessively.
I like to believe..

I’m not excessively conceited about my intelligence, style or appearance. I’m not. No, I’m really not.
I believe..

Today, however.. I decided to share something so totally vain, and yet so totally beautiful with you.

Because- as they say- there is love in sharing.

Today, I want to show you some parts of my beings most you have hitherto not been made aware of.
Perhaps because it doesn’t really matter. Well, today it shall!
Today, I want to show you my favourite skirt, favourite blouse, and favourite shoes!

We all have things we care about; things we show off to the world; not because we want to look better than others, want to distinguish ourselves from our neighbours, want to make a point, feel better, oppress, suppress, annoy, irritate. No, sometimes we simply act out of sheer childlike fun and joy. Simply because we are excited about something so shallow and ridiculous, it really should not have the ability to excite us that much..and yet it does. Not all things have hidden meanings, agendas.. ulterior motives. Some things are really as shallow and perhaps unimportant as they seem. Let’s celebrate these too!


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  1. Tolu says:

    Looks so cute 😉

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