Beautiful Lagos | Wheatbaker!

Alright, so I was actually getting ready to tell you all about my Lagos Car-Bashing Experience this morning, which almost landed me (the innocently violated victim) on the floor, but have decided to share some pictures of my beautiful weekend instead!

On Saturday my sweet friend and I once again had our Bible Study, this time at my favourite place in town: Wheatbaker!!

One of the few (or numerous) things I appreciate about myself is my boldness! So, after having placed our orders and while eating, I asked the resident manager whether he’d like to put a smile on my already happy face by granting us some complimentary desserts. Well, he naturally said yes and so we humbly accepted his invitation to help us to the buffet 🙂

If you want to eat out and get something for free on top, holla at cha guuuurl!! It usually works wherever I go.
Don’t expect a free-lunch o, eh hen.. but just something small to brighten up an already bright face! 😀


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  1. Valentine says:

    Mega yummmmmmmm!!

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