How much LOVE are YOU feeling today?

I really wasn’t going to write anything remotely related to LOVE today.

Not because I am single and would rather this day did not exist and/or mean anything to anyone else until my own marital status changed;
not because I really have no plans for today other than drop my sister at the salon (she’s getting ready for tonight!!) and then head to Jakande market to buy some DVDs;
no, not because I was asked on a date by three rather nice men but declined,

..but simply because wasn’t feeling much love in the air.

Not more than on any other day, that is.
Not in the air, not in the room, not on my phone, and certainly not in my heart.

I write about things that move me, mean something to me at the present moment; and so, love was just not it today.

At least not until five minutes ago!

Just now, a wonderful friend of mine, Ayo (van Elmar) stopped by at my office to give me this…


On her way from where she was to where she was going, she simply had to stop by my office and show me some love.
To give me a hug and a gesture of her love, simply because she cared!

Now, that ministered to me..

You see, I’m not a mushy person. I am neither excited nor depressed about Valentine’s Day.
And although it really is a day to show and express all sorts of platonic and romantic feelings, in my head, it has always been an event I wanted to reserve.
Much like a trip to Paris; something I’ve always wanted to do first with my first true love. Call me Victorian, I won’t deny it.

Today, however, I was humbly shown just how much love there truly can be in the air; and I am grateful.

And so, for those of us who planned to simply let this day go by like yesterday, let it not!
Do something lovely, something loving to/for/with another.
If you can’t feel the love, it probably is because you aren’t showing any either.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ayo says:

    Awwwh! Now that leaves me speechless. Come to think of what you said, I’ve never received a Val’s present, I mean random now, except for guys I dated. But I’ve definitely received a lot of love altogether!

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      You’re a star, babe!!

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