Colourful London | Paintballing in Camden..?

My days in London have been super busy and hectic, but a lot of fun so far!
Prior to my trip to Paris I went to Camden (as stated in a previous post) and did some shopping at the absolutely wonderful Stables Market.
Although I did not take many pictures of my new possessions, I did of the very colourful location.

The fun continued today with surprise to celebrate my brother-in-law Demola’s birthday: paintball!

It really is a year of many firsts for me, as I hadn’t ever been paintballing.
Painfully nice experience- literally. Pleasure-pain, if one can call it that..

So, no, there was no paintballing in Camden.. I’m just giving you a bit of both.
And- just in case you’re thinking I’m looking like crap as a soldier- thank you very much, you would too!


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