Sumptuous London | Celebrations at Gilgamesh

Part II of Sola (that’s my sister)’s surprise for Demola (that’s her husband) was a surprise birthday lunch at Gilgamesh in Camden.
(Yea, I guess we all have something for that tiny little spot in North London..)
Unfortunately, however, the surprise didn’t quite turn out as hoped/expected, as it was once again disclosed to the birthday boy in advance!

Isn’t it just annoying how you can plan and organize something and keep it secret right for months, just to have one individual mistakenly expose the plans just a day to the event? *sigh* Oh well, it happens. I’m sure it has somehow happened to all of us; victims and offenders!

Anyway, so before church we bumped into our cousins and uncle/aunt, which was an absolutely wonderful experience, while after church we (that is us, including the bday boy) went to get his birthday cake, headed to Gilgamesh, and simply had a good time.
The night ended with the restaurant messing up the bill (I think at this point I really must add:) as usual, and us deciding life was too short to stress over it.. Hmmmmm, the devourer?

Be it as it may, it was quite the enjoyable Sunday! See below..


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