Do Something Radical!

You know how they say All roads leads to Rome? 
Well, literally (obviously) not all roads take you to Rome. Some take you to Paris, Vienna, London.. Lagos; while others take you nowhere at all. They stop right in the middle of nowhere (a non-location?), or in an environment you had absolutely no business walking into in the first place.

But on a deeper level- of course- this saying is totally true.

All roads (of life) take you to a definite destination; voluntarily or involuntarily, we are all pilgrims going somewhere known or unknown.
We are living life, trying to be something, do something; even if just survive.

Just as with most things in life (apart from salvation) there are always multiple roads/routes that can get you to wherever you’re (hoping to) go(ing).
Whatever you want to say, there are multiple ways of saying it. Whatever you choose to do, multiple ways of doing it.

There is your way, her way, his way, the highway, and of course: God’s way.

I know the Bible clearly states that His ways are beyond man’s, as are His thoughts, but often we really do overlook/forget just how much truth this holds.

A friend of mine who’s been doing the same job for years (and has been extremely unfulfilled ever since) has been looking for ways and time to focus on applying for something she is truly passionate about, an opportunity for her to use her skill-set more productively, and enhance her gifts and talents more effectively. Guess what? She was just made redundant!

Where she saw the hand of the enemy at work, I saw God giving her that final push into ice-cold water.. act now!
Where once was the option of just remaining on dry ground, continuously breathing and living (wishing you didn’t) she was now faced with the ultimatum of either finally chasing her dream or starving, literally.

Another friend of mine- having given her last 16 years to one company- just realized how she has put so many things on hold for the sake of loyalty.
Loyalty to a company that has robbed her of entitlements, promotions, a decent working environment, and well- 16 years of her life. I know, dramatic much, but a fact still.
Anyway, when I asked why she had remained in the company for this long, she responded with, “Well, I really just haven’t found the right time to quit. It’s either unexpected bills pop up, or work gets so busy, I simply couldn’t just steo away.”

I understood her pain, but there will never be a most convenient time!
How much/well can you really prepare for radical change? NOW is always the best time to do the right thing.
You don’t really ever find the right time to start exercising. You simply start now! Or to start saving.. just start it now!
Start writing that project now, putting that team together now, make up with your friend now. Just do it now!
I am not suggesting you quit your job immediately, don’t get me wrong, but just start doing something radical about that thing now!

Sometimes we really do not understand His working behind the scenes.
Doors He does (not) open, people he does (not) permit to remain in our lives.
We often see His scolding, where He wants to show love; his refusal, when all He does is protect.

We see the door he refuses to grant us access to, but not the danger that lingers behind.
The demise relationship we invested so much into, but not the increased pain that awaits.

He does work in mysterious ways.. but always in/out of love.

Finally visiting Paris really did open my eyes, I guess. A visit I had put on hold for well over 12 years. Why?
Well, I wanted it to be my virgin country. The place I’d visit first with him, the one. The city of love shared with my lover.
Call me romantic.. but I reckoned that it was one thing I could say I had been keeping for him.
But when my parents continuously advised me to “start living and enjoying life now” I knew I had to start with Paris. No one knows tomorrow..

And I had a great time, but was the fun worth 12 years of wait? I don’t know.. it sure was worth the lesson.

Many times we limit ourselves, postpone important change and decisions, for fear of not knowing or having or being enough.
We forget that we are all limited in one way alike: time. And that this most vital of all currencies really only exists in the now.

We talk of tomorrow as though it was a certainty. Forgetting the preciousness of the very moment.
Ecclesiastes 3 states that there is a time for everything; in essence: no time for nothing!

Today I want to encourage you to take that next step!
Whether it is a woman you believe is yours, a job that need to be changed, an environment that has limited you.. do something radical about it!
Whether it is a boy who simply isn’t worth your while, a haircut you’ve always wanted to try out, a re-branding of your company.. do something about it this week!
Take that next step, stop limiting yourself. At the end of the day, people really only regret things they never did.

I am neither announcing anarchy here, nor am I telling you to just go with the flow.
I am not telling you not to prayerfully consider your next move, or to live by “trial and error”.. but to have faith and give it room to act.

Don’t be scared of falling or failing. It is fear that holds you bound. Not the trial, and not the error.. but the fear of either. It really is a mind-thing.
Sometimes multiple roads take you to the same destination. I guess the point really is to believe enough to start on a new road.

This week do something radical!

I’m working on some rather radical changes myself and shall keep you posted! 🙂


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Ah! Forthright&Thought-provoking, this post shot truths@me.
    I’m glad you didn’t publish this post tomorrow. I’m glad it came in NOW!
    Did I also mention this post has got such remarkable quotable quotes?

    Thank you.

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Thank you too! 😀

  2. Timiebix says:

    There is never a right time!!!

    That’s all I have taken from this 🙂
    Thank you!

  3. Moses Akinde says:

    Hmmmm… This post just awaken the projects abandoned in my life, the things I’m hoping to start big someday, instead of starting out now. And, indeed, your quotes in there are true to hold. God bless you for this one.

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      God bless you too!
      I pray you take a step towards achieving those set-out goals.

      Often we put ourselves and life on hold, telling ourselves we want God to do something, speak clearly, show us every single step along the way; or at least the very first one.

      Remember, God blesses the work of your hands. DO something and watch Him work it out..
      That’s what trust is really all about.. Taking that step, trusting He is leading you and will perfect all that concerns you.. even when you cannot see HOW exactly 🙂

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