One Forgives to The Degree That One Loves

I stumbled upon The Lovumentary just a few moments ago and thought to share a few things/truths.

Nate Bagley, who was sick of hearing love stories that fell into one of two categories — scandal and divorce, and unrealistic fairytale, took his savings, toured the country, and interviewed real couples on all issues related to love & relationships.
On his website (see above link) he shares these interviews and the couples’ relationship advice.

I’ve gone through some of them and thought to share.
Some truths are simply that, truths, and thus span across times and seasons, cultural and social norms.
And the best part: the truths are universally applicable to all sorts of -ships..

Make it a point to always speak kindly to each other.

Don’t be afraid to be the one who loves the most.

Emotionally healthy people know how to forgive, they are able to acknowledge their part in any disagreement or conflict and take responsibility for it. They are self-aware enough to be assertive, to pull their weight, and to give love when it’s most difficult.

Forgiveness, like love, is often irrational and counter-intuitive. It works when put into practice by the shamelessly optimistic. Forgiveness is often mistaken for a feeling, when in fact, it’s a choice.

An unquestioning level of commitment. The happiest couples knew that if things got really bad, their significant other wasn’t going to walk out on them.

A deep level of trust where partners don’t worry about the other person trying to undermine or sabotage them, because they’ve proven over and over again that they are each other’s biggest advocate.

Find a way to let the other person be who they are, and you be who you are.

Too many people withhold forgiveness because the person who wronged them hasn’t suffered enough, or even acknowledged that they’ve done something wrong. They hold on to the emotionally-cancerous grudge as it slowly eats away at their happiness and consumes their lives. They don’t understand the true purpose of forgiveness. Forgiveness does far more for the forgiver than the forgivee.

One Forgives to The Degree That One Loves.

At the end of Ty’s life, I want him to be able to say, ‘Terri was the greatest earthly blessing in my life — the best thing that ever happened to me — and that I’m a better man because of how she loved me.’ And that’s the goal that I live with every day. That’s how I want to love this man.

If I had a minute or two, I could probably match each of these statements with a supporting Scripture.
As a matter of fact, maybe we should all do exactly that!

But apart from that, what statement do you agree with the most and why?
Mine would be One Forgives to The Degree That One Loves.
I shall tell you why in my next post.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Sean says:

    The quote I agree with the most is ..”An unquestioning level of commitment. The happiest couples knew that if things got really bad, their significant other wasn’t going to walk out on them”

  2. Mayowa says:

    Mine will be “too many people withhold forgiveness…” I’m currently not talking to my best friend for a silly reason actually. I feel like he hasn’t learnt a lesson or two and if I forgive him yet again, he might not learn the lesson I want him to. But honestly, its killing a bit not to be able to talk to him. His birthday is on friday and I’m looking forward to it because that will be an excuse to talk to him. Okay I have said enough already! Thank you for this.

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Hahaha.. Sorry but this is SO PERTINENT right now.
      Facing something extremely similar at the moment.. I guess it’s a bit easier for me because I knew I simply HAD to do this right now..

      Sigh.. I totally understand what you mean/feel.. *bear hug*

      Love reigns supremely, yo!
      Sometimes love means talking, and sometimes it means not.
      Be lead, is all I can say..

  3. Timiebix says:

    I’m here on the train screaming inside saying “this woman leave me alone”
    It’s not your fault sha! It’s the Holy Spirit speaking to me through the words written here I will listen i keep telling him. What struck me is what if that person is not there when I decide they have suffered enough/learnt their lesson(my heart skipped a beat)
    This “Don’t be afraid to be the one who loves the most.” stands out the most for me even though all of them speak to me.

    Reblogging, liking,sharing when I get off this hiatus

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Hahahahahaha *bear hug*

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