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I’m just about to shut down this pc, leave my office, head to church; but before I do that I want to share this..

..a single reflection.

A couple of years ago, when I was – well, a bit younger and probably not any less smart than I am now but definitely less independent- I did not quite understand my parents’ unwillingness to grant me certain pleasures.
I say “I did not quite understand” as it is nothing that particularly upset me; it was just a fact that I would simply not be granted certain pleasures. Fullstop. No whys no becauses. No explanations. No questions either. It never really surprised me. I always understood that gifts (even when coming from parents) were exactly that: gifts, unmerited blessings. If it was merited, it would be a payment after-all.

I vaguely remember the day my sister complained about not having been given enough, to which I replied: Well, it is still more than you had just a moment ago.

To me these were simple and rather straight-forward facts. Anything that added to you and increased you should be appreciated.

And so, I never really thought I deserved or should have more than I did. It was and still is all a blessing.

I remember my father’s encouraging words to “Work hard and enjoy life. You only live once!” while granting himself certain pleasures and at the very same time denying us these.

The message was clear: Certain things you are only permitted to enjoy when you’re the one paying for them.

And he was right. The difference between the pleasure and sense of satisfaction derived from spending his money and spending mine is all too clear now.

Of recent I have had the chance to somewhat spoil myself. And by spoiling I really mean granting myself certain pleasures that are only really true pleasures because they are paid for by myself.

Be it a trip to Paris, a new laptop or a simple meal. There is great joy in footing your own bill!

The one driving a BMW x5 looks down at the one in a banger; not knowing that to him, his banger is an x5!
Who knows how much effort was put into paying for both cars? Disagree, but I dare say the banger-driver might have well laboured longer and harder for it.
I am not discouraging you from dreaming big, but rather encouraging you to enjoy the work of your hands!

This post does not go out to all the single-ladies or great-spenders but to every single one of us who are daily struggle/manage to pay for what we do!

We often overlook the fact that whatever we have, be it great or small, was paid for.
There was time, labour and effort that went into receiving, into achieving.
Just as with salvation, nothing in life is really totally free: It cost(s) someone something!

Regardless of how much you have or how much you spend, take pride in the fact that you are able to do so.. and take pleasure in it!


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  1. Timiebix says:

    We often overlook the fact that whatever we have, be it great or small.was paid for……
    This is a wonderful truth to be reminded of again!
    In a few months I might have to depend on my parents and after working and living “pocket money” free for almost 2 years, it’s err err… I can’t process the thought now 🙂

    I value and I’m thankful for the fact that I can pay for things myself; from 20p to £500.

    Cheers to all of us who pay for what we do…. Hooray!!!

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