Masterclass with Chef Fregz!

On Saturday the Food Network (our connect group for foodies at myWaterbrook) had an awesome time with Gbubemi Fregene, or as he is popularly known: Chef Fregz!
Quite a few of you would have had the privilege of enjoying one of his amazing creations at the Chef Fregz Special which he typically hosts at the GET Arena just opposite the Oriental Hotel.
This time, however, foodies had the rare opportunity of cooking right beside him, learning important cooking techniques, getting insider-tips from the chef who knows best, and even take the recipe The Omawonder home to try on our own! I’ll make sure to upload the recipe for you guys too! Yep, I’m lovely like that 😉

Gbubemi, who holds a diploma in Cuisine from the Le Cordon Bleu (aka. Blue Ribbon) in Paris, promised to be just a phone call away. So, watch out for Masterclass 2!

Here some pictures..


2 Comments Add yours

  1. tenderonii says:

    Wow, this is beautiful

  2. tosinmo says:

    wow,totally beautiful

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