So uncontrollably in Love!!

You know this feeling..

how you get butterflies at the thought of someone you hold very dearly?
How your heart skips a beat at memories remembered and shared, and future-possibilities hoped for, desired?
You know how your longing emotions are so powerful and strong, so over-whelming and over-powering at times, the earth seems to simply stand still?
To halt, even if just for a few second.
Where nothing and no one else matters anymore; when troubles and cares cease to exist.

Everything pales into insignificance in light of The Significant?
A moment alone with your beloved.. your Lover.

Memories and imaginations as authentic, as real as their equivalent realities?
Where you do not fear being alone, because there is no room left for loneliness.
Where you do not feel abandoned, because you feel His presence here, always near.

Well, I find myself in just that place right now. Once again..

Worship: the place of contentment.

Not needing, wanting, crying or longing for someone else’s love or attention.
Another man’s caring touch and affection.

But the place where His love seems to be -not just enough- but too much to handle, too much to bear.

There’s nothing like a love, so amazing, that fills one’s entire heart..



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  1. How does one get here…to this feeling…

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      I think I’ve come to see most things that happen in life as distractions.
      Attempts to take your mind off what really matters, attempts to get your attention/focus away from Him.
      And so, we go through life aware of our physical and emotional needs and desires, amplifying them and magnifying them so much, that even our love for Him pales into insignificance.

      But then, when we take a moment to cast all these distractions away and look at the big picture, we kind of always realize just how useless everything else has been and is.. in comparison.

      Sometimes, my thoughts really are my highest form of expression.. worship.
      Where I look at Him through my little eyes and limited understanding, and are completely thrown off balance. Where I realize that the one who created everyone and everything, laid down His life for me. Little ol me.. and how great His love truly is. I meditate not just open His written word, but upon my own revelation of who He is.. and it humbles me. I envision His might and glory.. His ultimate power and perfect will.. His ability to build and destroy.. give and take life.. and nothing else seems to matter.
      I see how my cares and worries really are nothing to Him, and yet He is there to comfort me, hold my hand, strengthen me.

      I guess it really is just the ability to focus on what really matters.. your heart simply expands. Then and all you do is lovingly surrender.. and enjoy the presence of His overflowing love.

      1. “I meditate not just open His written word, but upon my own revelation of who He is.. and it humbles me.” <—Key. Thank you 🙂

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