#Throwback Wednesday

Just before returning to Vienna a few weeks ago, my mom dropped a suitcase here in Lagos.
A case packed with baby clothes.. our baby clothes, that she had kept over the years; or rather: all these years!
Apparently she shipped the box down to Nigeria a few years ago, and now -seeing as we are all broody and whatnot- decided to give us some of the items that she hadn’t given out – to relatives or whoever cared to get his hands on them- back.

Two of those dresses I actually remembered.. from pictures!

Last night I finally managed to recover some pictures from my dead VAIO and was surprised to find my dearly loved pictures still in tact/place/ one piece.

You know that warm sensation you get at the thought of beautiful times passed, shared, lived?
Well, I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy and cosy looking at these..

I remember those days my sisters and I would come back home excited and over-joyed at having met other “African looking” people. Naturally, growing up, this was not a daily occurrence, and so every encounter with a fellow “black man” was a celebration.
I remember people fondly carrying us, looking at us, pinching our cheeks, kissing us and calling us incredibly beautiful. Skin so brown and smooth.
I remember me reading books to my sleeping kindergarten mates; and being the only one to skip the snooze; I remember waking up, excited about learning something new, excited about school.

Looking at pictures, brings back fond memories of my childhood; and the life I hope to one day give to my kids.
I look back and smile at so many beautiful stories, important experiences, and I am excited about tomorrow.
Looking at pictures often makes it hard not to look into the future with joy, hope and eager anticipation.

The two dresses my mom returned to me were the ones I wore in picture 1 and 3.
It goes without saying that my daughter will wear those dresses too.
I’m sorry, yes! Even if only for a picture.. 😀

What are some of your fondest childhood memories?!
Are there any dresses you are still holding on to?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. igbalaiye says:

    Your mums doings is so beautiful! I can only remember moments in my mind but this thought of saving certain items just to pull them out decades later is just too emotionally exciting.

  2. oochay says:

    Oh that’s so lovely. My mom did same too. The stuffed animals, baby plates and cutlery and sweaters and few dresses. My eldest sister has passed it down to her daughter. It’s a precious feeling.

  3. Timiebix says:

    I don’t have any dresses with me but I’m sure my mum has a few. it’s the photos that I cherish. There are a few items from my mum that I have promised will be incorporated into my wedding.
    ” Looking at pictures often makes it hard not to look into the future with joy, hope and eager anticipation” I could not agree more 🙂

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