Tweet-Sized Opinions

One of my most favourite quotes of recent times simply has to be Harlan Ellison’s

“You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”

Although it sounds a bit harsh, I cannot but second that statement.
Many of us seek to be heard over hearing. To be understood, over understanding.

The truth however remains that not everyone has a valid point, a voice, an informed opinion.

I remember a message a preacher gave a couple of weeks ago in church.. I was appalled. I must have disagreed with about 95% of what she spoke/shared/said.
I felt she was so totally misinformed and had so totally misinterpreted the message, the lesson, that it really held no truth at all.
Once you dilute and turn the Word around twice or thrice, there really isn’t much power left.

Be it as it may, she was persuaded- yes she really believed – that what she shared would bring clarity/liberty.

And so, in our quest to find out what people- both ministers, pastors, preachers, and common folks (like myself) believe, the next issue of our REFRESH magazine is focusing on IDENTITY & PURPOSE.

In your opinion, what really is the purpose of..

  1. marriage
  2. sex
  3. womanhood
  4. manhood
  5. fame
  6. power & influence
  7. the church?

Many of us understand that everything was created and indeed exists on purpose and for/with a purpose. But what exactly is it?!

I’ve thrown this question to quite a few and have gotten a number of replies. However, I’d like to hear/read what YOU think?
Advocating simplicity, make your explanations/definitions tweet-sized! Insightful statements need not be long. 140 characters should do.

So, what say you!?


16 Comments Add yours

  1. Abiola J says:

    Love is God, so love just is.

  2. Reni says:

    A choice to accept the imperfect.

  3. Evans says:

    Selfless affection for a friend.

  4. Adeola says:

    The purpose of love is sacrifice and unity.

  5. Tolu says:

    Love: the decision to look out for another person’s good without an ulterior motive. You want the good of the person

  6. Ima says:

    Marriage: Two people headed in the same direction.

  7. Oma says:

    Marriage is about companionship, love, friendship, partnership, commitment and reproduction. It’s also about fulfilling God’s purpose together and dominating the earth.

  8. Nko says:

    Marriage? Hmmm, well to give a picture of our relationship with God; we are the bride and he is the groom.

  9. Abiola J says:

    Marriage is to keep from sinning, to procreate and love.

  10. Oma says:

    Marriage is for companionship, friendship, love, sharing, reproduction and dominion.

  11. Juwon says:

    The connection between two imperfect people on a journey to finding God’s given purpose for their lives…

  12. Temitope says:

    M: A commitment to love, honor and respect your partner (usually the opposite sex) for the rest of your lives.

  13. Olatunde says:

    Sex is the deepest form of human interaction only comparable with deep worship

  14. Bisoye says:

    Sex is first spiritual before physical

  15. Ifedayo says:

    Sex is two souls becoming one, a union of spirits, an expression of pure love intended by God.

  16. Jubril says:


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