Consistent in your own right, you are..

I said. 

In your own right.

So wrong.


Here we stood, sat, spoke after many years.
Through the screen he could not see, could not sense my tears.
My fears.

Not the slightest regret?

He thought I was too lively, too full-on, too life-embracing.
Too adventurous, too wiling to try on new things, take on new tasks.
Move between places, kiss smiling faces.
I was just never stable. Not dependable enough. 
Not predictable enough.
Perhaps not faithful, not loyal enough?

In one place. Locatable.
Always here and there.
Simply everywhere.

Consistency is what he needed.

And so, I had to go.

He walked away.

Through times and seasons I stood by silently.
Waiting, watching.
Surely, one day he would see.

And here we were now.
Sitting, standing, talking.

Yes. He was still there (location), still there (vocation).
Still chasing his dreams.

..consistently, it seems.

And as I sat listening and feeling.
I once again prayed for healing.

My heart still broken,
memories awoken.

You see, I’ve been consistent in my own right too.
14 years and counting – my heart still belongs to you.



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  1. Sean says:

    Good write up. Excellent play with words. Love it

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