Sometimes pain isn’t necessarily bad.
A sign of His displeasure and absence.

Sometimes pleasure isn’t necessarily good.
A sign of His commendation and pleasure.

Sometimes pain and pleasure simple are.

I guess I am once again reminded- call it a Stone of Remembrance-
that neither pleasure nor pain are permanent.

..and that right in the midst of that pleasure, that pain,
I find Him.

I guess that truly is our joy and testimony,
not that He blesses one and curses another,
endows with favour and fame, power and an influential name;
not any of that, but that He simply is.. here.

In the midst of trials, tests and temptation,
He stands close, He stands near.

And so, regardless of what we experience and feel,
regardless of what our hearts and heads tell us is true,
we know that He is with us, through-and-through.

Therein lies our confidence, our joy:
not in the prevalence of His blessings,
nor the absence of suffering and pain,
but solely in His presence.


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