Love, Romance.. Marriage!

Just a couple of days ago I had this heated discussion with my Head of Department of the Discipleship Training Institute of my church. Our topic of discussion: marriage.
He had asked the lady seated beside me – a friend of mine – whether she could marry a Catholic, and was appalled at her resounding response of a YES!
And I agreed- much more in support of common sense and spirituality, than religiosity and loyalty- that I could get married to any man (and I use “any” here loosely, obviously..) who was God-loving and Spirit-filled.

He did not quite agree.
Do you know what they stand for? Do you know what they believe?

Well, yes and no; but neither really matters.
What matters is: Does HE believe in the written Word of God as his only true source of faith? Does he believe the Bible is the final and true Word of God and all its content true?
Well, if yes.. nothing else matters.

He did not quite agree.
Do you know what their sacrament of marriage is all about? Do you know what they believe?

Well, yes and no; but once again: that too does not particularly matter.
What matters is: Do we agree about what He says about marriage? Will we make Him our final authority?
You see, I do not believe in denominations. I never have and never will. They are neither godly nor scriptural.
His mind is clear, His intentions true. The supposed “church” divided because they disagree on certain aspects of His Word, of His underlying truth.
They find and lay varying emphasis.. deeming one thing more important than the other. Reading between non-existent lines, ignoring the message of love and truth.

But what’s that to me? And what should that be to you?
To him?

As long as we found love and truth in Him, and in each other, I’m cool.

He disagreed.
And so I told him that that too was fine.

And please don’t get me wrong: I probably would not marry a “practising Catholic”. I understand that non-Catholics cannot meet their priest for confession, cannot partake in the holy communion, cannot do this and cannot do that. These are neither godly nor right doctrines as they are discriminatory in- and of-themselves.
But isn’t the notion of  “only marrying a pentecostal” too? Same difference…?

Anyway, a couple of days later I had the privilege of witnessing the wedding ceremony of Daniel, a Catholic, once a dedicated member of my pentecostal church in Vienna, now living in Canada. He chose to perform his rites at a beautiful Catholic in Victoria Island, Lagos.
My parents insisted I – and I would have anyway- represented them at the wedding of their beloved Daniel. I was glad I did!
The church had also sent a gift as a token of their love and appreciation- he had left Austria six years ago but was still in their hearts and minds.
What is this, if not One in and through Christ..?!

Below some pictures..


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