The Greatest Good..

according to Benjamin Disraeli, can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.

Just a couple of days ago- a week and two days to be precise- a friend asked me what would or could make me fall in love with someone.
I smiled at his puzzled look to my response, “Oh, I could love anyone, really.”

My response was neither a prayer nor an imagination, but a fact birthed out of a previous revelation: there was something beautifully loveable in ever human being!
And so, I have loved even the supposedly unlovable; for I saw something beautiful.. and sought to reveal that very thing to him/them too.

We all could do with a bit more encouragement..

We all need to be reminded that within our jars of clay lie beautiful treasures worth knowing, revealing, sharing.

Most times, however, for fear of another’s star shining brighter than ours, we cast a shadow.
A veil. Afraid others will come to know and love what treasures of his lie beneath..

We lay emphasis on just how much our stars brighten their earth.
The permission to enjoy and utilize the benefits of our existence.
Like foreign aid: the ignorance of a life doomed to misery.

Having caused them to forget their own treasures within,
we glory in pride masked as self-sacrificing humility.

Today, choose to step outside of your natural human tendency to hide and to mask,
and show someone just how much greatness hidden within is yet awaiting its reveal.

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the honour of kings to search it out.

Today, do something truly royal!


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