Roots and Sources

Discomfort stretches you.
It challenges you.
It’s more than okay to feel this way.
We all get uncomfortable at time.

Discomfort causes you to think.
To be creative.
Step out of the box,
Try and do the new.

Discomfort is good.
At times, a welcomed pain.

But there are different types of pain.

There is that kind of pain that leads to you doubting yourself,
your worth, your purpose, your ability,
your God.

That kind of pain that leads to depression.

That kind of pain doesn’t need to be challenged;
looked upon, considered.
It needs to be gotten rid of,

That kind of pain is not fruitful,
it does not produce,
it only multiplies itself.

So, find the root of your pain,
and take it to your Source.


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