Singing Songs..

Sometimes I find it difficult to pray.
I just don’t know what to say.
Tell Him how I feel, share my pain?
Sometimes it all just seems so in vain.

But that’s okay, because right in the midst of not wanting to share ME, I am forced to remember Him.
Right in the midst of feeling down and weak; broken, forsaken, alone. I remember that He’s so much greater than I.
I don’t know why or when or how we started believing He owed us anything. Needed to bless and increase, empower and establish us.
Of course, at His discretion He might; most often He will, He does.. some. But, does refraining from doing so at any given time make Him any less who He is?

Of recent I’ve been struggling to pray, I am shamed (or maybe not) to say.
Have I lost my way?

Sometimes it feels very quiet, all-around.
Forgotten? Forsaken?
Sometimes my thoughts plague me, confuse me, physically torment me.
Why does this have to be?
Why must everything be so hard for me?
Can’t I just be free?

Sometimes, we focus on all the wrong, all the bad, we forget what truly matters.
And so, whenever I feel low, I have learnt to sing Him a new song.
Not a song thanking/asking Him for anything at all; but simply proclaiming who He is.
His supremacy..

Awesome God,
You deliver not by sword
but by Your spoken Word,
You’re invincible, Lord!

And right there, in the midst of my song; I realize everything else has been erased.
Circumstances unchanged, yet fears and worries set ablaze.
What remains is a awareness of Him; simple praise.


feel free to say something..

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