Beautiful Lagos | La Campagne Tropicana

As I’m getting ready to once again relocate, I am consciously making an effort to enjoy every single (of my remaining) moment(s) in Lagos. With Ramadan over, the extra-long weekend (aka brief holiday) was spent relaxing both in- and outdoors: My pumpkins and I decided to finally visit La Campagne Tropicana!

From us finding a cab (it took us 20minutes, as I refused to drive anywhere outside my comfort zone, which really only comprises of Ikoyi, VI and Lekki 1- Ikota/VGC), to paying NGN 4000 to access the beach and another NGN 3000 for a plate of nothingness (aka food for which we had to wait 2 hrs 30mins); it really was an interesting day. I got to do some cayaking, falling into the waters, and picture-taking.

As excited as I am about leaving this lovehole, I’ll miss my lovlies..



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  1. Seems like you girls had a blast!

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