The Incubator

Just a few days ago, I once again thought about women.
The woman-man, that is: the man with a womb.
The person- be it male or female- with the ability to conceive, nurture, give birth to, grow/train and protect dreams.

Dreams are really not very different from children:
They are mentally conceived: a vision, picture of what could (or ought to) be;
They are nurtured: in the form of analysis and blueprints/plans;
They are birthed: realized, concepts established and put in place;
They are grown/developed/trained: in the form of reviewing, amending, correcting and perfecting;
And are finally continuously protected: to ensure both short- and long-term goals are being realized and purpose achieved.

The truth is, however, many of us have dysfunctional wombs.
We do not dream at all. We go through the motions, let life simply happen.
We are neither directors not actors, but mere by-standards looking on.
We are barren.

Many of us are barred in our ability to either dream or follow through with dreams.
Many of us are so overwhelmed with having conceived, but are unable to carry and follow through.
We get distracted, focus on all the little things that do not matter; depriving our dreams of the time and necessary care needed to come out healthy, strong, with a fighting chance to survive.
We miscarry.

Some others conceive, and nurture well at first; just to throw in the towel.
Time, dedication, morning sickness sets in. Is it really worth it? Will it be worth it in the end?
We are unable to delay gratification and thus literally miss the opportunity to carry a dream from conception to realization.
We abort.

But what exactly is it about dreams?

Just a few weeks ago I decided to share some of my dreams with friends, just to see them being starved.
An attempt to forcefully abort?

Every pregnancy, every dream, every disclosure carries an element of risk.
The comforts of a running-partner outweighing the dangers that come with premature disclosures.
But to avoid running alone, we share anyway.

And so, some nights ago, I once again did what I do best: visualize my dreams and speak them into existence.
Protecting the child within.

Working on my plans, even if it meant walking alone.

I thought about dreams I had dreamt years ago, mental pictures that had been created in my mind over a decade ago; I though it fit to take an estimate.
How much closer to fulfilling them was I now than when I first started dreaming?
Was I constantly drawing closer to its realization, or was I wandering around aimlessly; taking decisions that would make no positive difference in the long run at all?
Was I living and breathing purposefully, circumspectly?
Were my dreams still relevant? Was I treating time respectfully?

In my movements and associations: was a spending, investing or wasting time?
How much of my time do I generally allocate purposefully?
How much of it to my dreams?

I remembered Benjamin Disraeli’s words and are challenged by them regularly:

“The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.” 

..but, did I possess enough strength to continue? To keep pushing all the way through? Did I posses enough strength to see these dreams through?

Strength is built in the time of peace, but is meant for peace-less times: war.
How strong are you truly when, when you need it, there is no strength left at all?

I also remember Hezekiah’s words that forewarn,

“Today is a day of trouble, insults, and disgrace. It is like when a child is ready to be born, but the mother has no strength to deliver the baby.”

No strength to wait. No strength to build. No strength to enforce. No strength to defend.
How strong am I really, when all my strength does is repeatedly fail me?

And so I was encouraged in my need for building inner-strength.
And allowing others build theirs too. 
For on the day of delivery, no one else can push for you.

I found that in helping others through their pregnancies, we often neglect the very lives growing within.
While investing time into others, spending resources and skills on advancing someone else’s dreams and visions, we often forget to nurture the blessings within.
The secret lies in balancing, I find. Balancing the needful with the useful, while eliminating the needless and useless.
The method of weed-control.

Sometimes, in order to protect the life within, we must do away with weeds and tares.
Those things, elements, people that choke, rather than help nurture our dreams; that kill, rather than give life.
Sometimes, in order to protect the life within, we must die to self in the form of the martyr’s syndrome and channel our love, care and dedication on soil that is ready to receive.

I remember the Chinese proverb,

“When the student is ready, the teacher shows up.”

There is a time and season for everything. The secret lies in finding out – like the sons of Issacher did- what season you are in, and what must be done- while it can be done.

I guess what this really is, is a reminder to seize the day. Make use of the opportunities God puts in your way.

Figuring out what is or should be, and doing away with everything else.
Understanding the need for preparation and counting its cost. Not fearing every single loss. But allowing it be..

For the sake of dreams brewing and growing and becoming alive within.


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