Some More Love Is In The Air

My week back in Austria has been quite stressful. From sorting out some legal issues, to finally getting my luggage, unpacking, rearranging my wardrobe, going shopping, and looking for new furniture for my room, I somehow did manage to attend a wedding!!

Being back home really is quite awesome. Although it does get a bit little and a tad annoying at times, there really is no place like home! Weddings give you the rare opportunity to once again see and speak to people you haven’t seen in a decade. This holds true at all times, especially for those who haven’t been home in a while.

Isn’t it funny how you remember how little someone else was just 10 years ago, forgetting that you were just about 10 years younger too? The most amazing transformation must have been Tina, the youngest daughter of a very old family friend, who was 4 years old when I saw her last. Now, all grown with a long weave, high heels and the bulge of what will one day be real boobs, I couldn’t help but hold back tears. How time flies! She smiled at the hugs and kisses of a stranger..

Here some pics of the wedding between Blessing & Jane..



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