Bag Lady

There are many things I love. For those of you who know me, not a surprise! I love chocolate, I love cheese, I love coffee, I love travelling, I love books, I love good music, I love God and well, I love.. beards (on men).

Oh dear, imagine me combining all these: Picture me on a plane right next to an awesome-looking bearded man who is listening to Mali Music and is enjoying a cup of coffee; who notices me reading a novel (he has already read) and starts a conversation which leads to us realizing just how much we have in common.

Sounds realistic enough, right?

But as life is not a novel -more often than not- such encounters are better started with take-off and ended with landing..

For what usually happens is, you continue talking, walking to the luggage belt and he starts noticing just how many bags you travelled with. This is, baggage!

That is, for the woman who has not yet learnt to travel light.

The burden of life’s journey.

I’m not an emotional person but I love having my emotions engaged in a meaningful way. Music has the power to do that.. and it is so much easier to dance through life light. Imagine someone dancing with you and constantly tripping over the bags that are crowding the dancefloor. It’s just too much of a hassle.

A song that powerfully ministered to me at a certain point in my journey was Erykah’s Bag Lady. I mean, could she (have) be(en) any more apt?

How many of us find it difficult to move on when we’ve been badly hurt? How many of us just can’t stop crying, find it difficult to move on, impossible to trust?

Who wants to be “bitten twice”? Well, no one! And so we are on our guard lest we fall prey to the wickedness of man again. We hold on to those bags (of fear, hurt, insecurities, anger, resentment, etc.) crowding the next person’s space, and wonder why no one sticks around for too long. We bury ourselves in baggage, forgetting who we are.. and well, preventing the other person to actually see us. How could he? All he sees is baggage..

No one ever told you, all you must hold on to, is YOU.

We mask ourselves in make-up and cover our scars with beautiful clothing but are completely oblivious to the fact that the baggage we carry is impossible to conceal. We carry it along wherever we go: in our attitude, our actions, our reactions, our interactions.

Sometimes all we really need is someone to talk to, someone to tell us “It’s okay, I was hurt too.Your pain is legitimate but it is time to let go.”

I too had to learn to pack light.

You can learn how to too.. allow HIS BRIDE see you through. It’s lifestyle consultancy that focuses on exactly that: helping women heal, and having healed, reflecting their true inner beauty on the outside. His Bride is officially launching on January 15th at the Vanderbilt Hotel in London (see below flyer for more information) and get your free ticket here!

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend and so I’d really love to hear from you how it went! Oh, and just because: The founder, Catharina, is my sister! 😉



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Observer says:

    This sounds super interesting.
    Ladies only?

    1. His Bride focuses on women-only (for now anyway) but the LAUNCH is open to all – so, come and bring your friends (Note – make sure you get your tickets).

  2. Hey pinkus…absolutely Fantastic post!!!
    I couldn’t have described HB in a better way, even if I tried.

    Thanks for doing this!!! I’ll let you know how it went…
    …for now, just trusting God to be God!!!

    Thanks sis xxx

  3. Timiebix says:

    I was looking at stats for the blog and saw your link and then I saw you had a post scratch that a few posts!! WordPress has let me down. I don’t get new post notifications 😥

    Happy New year!!! I love this post and I’m going away to sort through my own baggage( throw away a few more) and pack very very light. I would’ve loved going to the event 😦

  4. Jagz says:

    Beautiful transition!

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