This Sister of Mine..

With all the disasters, massacres, and general distress around the world and its affairs, I’ve been thinking about death a lot, naturally. The natural consequence of what follows actions, a natural reaction. A reaction to things that ought (not) to be.

Have you noticed how the media shapes your thoughts and emotions? How the media seems to possess the monopoly of power over what goes into your mind and comes out of your mouth? Remember how we were once surrounded by images and messages of sex? Have you noticed how this message has now changes, as though there was an agende? How you now seemt o be only reading about tragedies and what-nots? How we are now surrounded by alerts and warnings of terror: shootings, stabbings, massacres, bombs, crashes and kidnappings..

And so, as I thought about death, I naturally spent quite a lot of time thinking about life to. My life, and the lives of the people around me. And as I kept thinking, I thought about my family.

More especially, this one sister of mine..

Nobody is perfect. And as it goes, imperfections have a way of annoying people- most especially those closest to you. And although you make excuses and try to overlook them – or just tolerate them – they do have a way of shaping your perception of others; or even clouding their good; until the good springs out in undeniable fashion, making all imperfections disappear.

More especially, thsoe imperfections of this one sister of mine..

She is a lion. It’s quite impossible to step on her toe(s), as she is always on guard to defend. And sometimes even the possibility of someone stepping on her toe (or the proverbial tail) solicits a roaring response..

..but so does the danger of a loved one.

I thought about it, you see. While it is quite clear that I am the Nesthäkchen, the one that always wanders but knows she has a home to which always to return; there is another who carries home wherever she goes. She loves.

I thought about it, you see. While I constantly pray for the security of my friends and family; and thank God for His protective edge around me; there is one who will lay down her life for those.

I thought about security, you see. And while I know that God watches over me and mine, there is one He has placed right in the middle of us all.

I don’t quite know why I’ve been thinking about this lately. I naturally blame it on the news.. but, I really did think about all those people suffering and families being torn apart; about all those terrible tragies and how so many people are still hurting because a lack of closure; a privilege – although death and/or loss of a loved one can never be considered that anyway- not all have been granted.

I really did think about all those people still looking for a loved one, still waiting for a loved one to return to them: even if not alive and well. At least some closure.

I did a search on missing persons both within and without my country of residence, and cried for all those people still waiting.. and I cried over my silent assurance that no one would ever have to cry or wait or look like that for me. Knock wood, if you will, but it is a fact.

For even should I go missing, this sister of mine would not rest. She would not relent. She would find me.
This sister of mine would run through valleys and overcome all mountains to find me. She would pray her way through; she would fight her way through too. She would not give up. She would not give in.

I thought about it.
This sister of mine, truly loves her family.
While there are some who would lay it all down for a good course, she would give it all up for those she loved;
and she would never count the cost.

And so, today, on this very day, I want to tell you, this dear sister of mine, Sola, that she is special.

There are a couple of special people in my life.. and I will introduce them all to you one day; just not to-day.


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  1. Tina says:

    Cute factor = 100!

  2. To say I was moved/touched/overwhelmed reading this. – especially just having come out of a meeting, planning to get some lunch and expecting nothing like this whatsoever – is an understatement!!!

    Soooo sweet…honestly brought tears to me eyes!!!

    Love you too pinkus xxxx


  3. Reblogged this on HIS BRIDE Blog and commented:
    This post melted my heart…

    Just had another day in the office, attending meetings and all, got a bit upset about one or two people’s recent attitudes and was already entertaining all kinds of ‘ungodly’ thoughts towards them…I also use the odd spare minute here and there to think about me and life and then go back to concentrating on work…

    And then from nowhere…I get this message with a link to this post…

    I read it and am overwhelmed, touched, moved to tears… that someone somewhere in that moment thought of me…and not just about how I was doing or keeping up, but so much so that she decided to write a ‘tribute’ to me…

    Not sure what touched me more, the deed itself or the words within it…

    But what it taught me, is that sometimes what you’re looking for is in the little things…

    And that someone somewhere out there things the world of you…

    Enjoy the read!!!

    Stay blessed ‘n beautiful!!!

    Ps. Check out more from YinkusPinkus on

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