How Time Flies..

Roughly this time last year, I did about the same thing as I’m doing today: sitting at my desk at work..

Just that it was a different desk at a different place of work, in a different country; with a different kind of feeling, writing something completely different.
Well, maybe not that different anyway: I was penning down my thoughts and feelings, my experience, and titled it a “Grievances Report”. I finished off by handing in my notice. It was time to move on!

This time last year, I thought about the steps to take next.. I thought about moving, rearranging my life.
I thought about personal satisfaction and happiness. I thought about going back to school.

I guess the funniest part of it all was my worry of supposedly having wasted time. In truth, of course, I had done no such thing at all. I had allowed myself be led into unknown territories and experience something new. I had seen the importance of pursuing dreams and believing in visions; in making dreams a reality.

Anyway, as I played with the thought of going back to university and pursuing further degrees, I worried about love, about romance. So that would delay and potential or prospective marriage by another two years? I shared my fears and worries with family members and friends who could not help but giggle and/or hiss at my concern: and so what? Live your life! Pursue your dreams. Whenever it happens, it happens. Do what makes you happy, God’s got your back! There is a time and season for everything. Don’t put your life on hold.. until..


That issue of time..

But today, here I am. With my first year done, and just two semesters away from obtaining my double MA degree. Today, I think back with a shaking head and a heart full of gratitude: thank God I did not give in to worry! Thank God I overcame my fear. Thank God I dropped that resignation letter, packed my bags, boarded that plane, started all over again; or rather: continued on a different path.. maintaing that journey, with someone by my side.

How time flies..


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Adeife says:

    This definitely resonates with me. I’m about to chop off my hair and some close think its not a good move, as i’ single and will not be able to attract the opposite sex with my low cut. I’ll still go ahead with it, regardless…..

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Haha.. chop it off!!
      I find it amazing how many people have strong and huge opinions about things that are so little and (in all honesty) totally irrelevant to the events happening here on earth (and any other planet, as a matter of fact).. Hair will always grow. And should it decide to stop growing? hey! Life goes on..

  2. JD Rambler says:

    Guess that’s why they say the journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step – congrats on the big move!

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Thank you!
      Funny enough, I am moving again in just a few weeks. Haha.. it’s all part of the never-ending journey.

  3. Jagz says:

    This really takes me back…
    Thank you! #gratitude

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