A Piece of My Mind..

Don’t you just get frustrated at times? I mean, like really frustrated..
with people,
with God!?

Don’t you just want to give Him a piece of your mind sometimes?

Well, I certainly do.

Although I do tell myself, “What’s the point exactly, seeing as He sees and reads and understands your mind.?”,
it hardly ever stops me: I go ahead and tell Him what I think, what I feel, anyway.
How I am angry.. frustrated.. furious.. annoyed.
At the world, people, myself, at Him!

Sometimes, yes sometimes, I really don’t like Him at all.
Sometimes, yes sometimes, I really don’t want anything to do with Him in the least.

And so, as I roam about for relief, clouded by my frustration and seeking restoration, I turn to, well.. Him.

Where else will I go?” I admit to myself.
“Who else is there to comfort me?” I ask myself.
He is still God; and He is still good.” I tell myself.

In a way, I do feel trapped.
A woman on a leash.. never able to wander too far.

Sometimes, I just want to scream,
loudly stamp my feet, beat my fist against His chest.
I sob and complain and throw a tantrum.. like a child.
Waiting for the loving and consoling presence of The Father;
calming words, a soothing touch.
The reassurance, yes: promise, that everything will be okay.
That I should simply trust, and keep following: Him, His way.

But long before I calm down to listen,
I bombard Him with questions.
I need answers.
Too many things simply make no sense.
Too many things are simply not fair!
I ask the How’s, the Who’s, the When’s and the Why’s..
I ask all those things that are meant to shed light,

But all I get is a still small voice, telling me to

And so, those many pieces of my mind I give him,
He returns as one: peace of mind.

Not giving me answers, and certainly not defending Himself,
He simply looks at me, smiling, reminding me of the fact that He’s still in charge.

..especially when it doesn’t look like it;
like right now.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Berry Dakara says:

    Phillipians 4:7 – Then you will experience God’s PEACE, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. [NLT]

    I wrote a post recently about losing a loved one and being confused, hurt, angry and wanting answers… and finally just asking for peace to deal with my feelings.

  2. Jagz says:

    Peace, be still!
    That’s what I tell my mind whenever it goes berserk on me.. 😉

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