He watches over His own..

Just yesterday something rather interesting happened.
A friend of mine and I decided to go impromptu-shopping and I misplaced my bank card.

Okay, back to the start..

So, I bumped into a friend of mine after work yesterday, on my way to the mall to update my make-up collection (which literally only consists of lip glosses, eye liners and a bronzer) – I was in dire need of some new products.
Anyway, we went into the first store, where I bought a huge cardigan I believe would be perfect for my upcoming move to southern Sweden; then continued window-shopping and eventually buying some items at a make-up store, where I paid in cash.
As we continued window-shopping, my friend reminded me that I needed to get some cash before leaving. Opting to go to the bank on another day, I eventually conceded, due to her persistence.
Getting to the bank, my card was nowhere to be found. Checking my handbag, wallet and shopping bag, it was nowhere to be found.
Going through my wallet very carefully again, I sighed with relief over the fact that I still had enough cash to still my cravings (an Indian dinner). My friend reminded me to focus.

Tracing our steps back, I remembered I had paid by card in the first store we went to.. almost 45 minutes earlier. Could I have forgotten to take it out of the card-reader?

We would go back to find out..

Arriving at the store, we walked straight up to the cashier where we had paid earlier and asked if a card had been found? I had lost/forgotten mine.

No, it came.
No? But how could that be? I was persistent.
She picked up the receiver and dialled a number, asking a colleague in the back-office whether a card had been found today.
Hmmmm, it came. Someone else would look and revert back.
While waiting, my friend and I carefully searched all my belonging again. Nothing.
My heart began beating faster. I kept reminding myself that God watches over His own..
With the wait becoming longer, I decided to give it a few more minutes before calling the bank to have my card blocked.
What was the name again?
I spelt it carefully..
A few minutes later a young guy came walking towards me. What was your name again?

He held my card in his hands.
I jumped up with joy and shouted a loud Yayyyyyy!
Bringing out my personal ID, he checked it before smiling and returning my bankcard to me.
Here you go.
I smiled at him and gave him tight embrace, Thank you so much!

The customers who had gathered around smiled, telling me (and others) just how lucky I was.

Leaving the store, all I could think of was that God truly watches over His own.

It took me back to 2007 when I misplaced my brand new HTC on a London bus and got it back five days later.
My friends insisted I should just move on and be more careful going forward, but I insisted that I would get it back. After-all I had found phones and other valuable items before, and always returned them! If I could do that, so could/would someone else.
Just a few days later I got a call. Someone had dropped off with a bus driver and I could come get it at a West-London “Lost & Found” office.
When going to pick it up, I was repeatedly told: This has never happened before. You are just so lucky!

I smiled, No such thing as luck. God watches over His own!

There is something about faith coupled with awareness..


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes He does all the time.

  2. JD Rambler says:

    The ways he comes through in the simple, quotidian issues that life throws our way inspires trust that he’s got us when the big one hits.. Thanks for sharing.. 🙂

  3. Jagz says:

    I love your posts. There is so much food for thought in it.
    But the light background makes it a bit hard to read.
    Maybe you could change that- just for me, a potential new fan..? 🙂

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