What Really Matters..

Earlier today (actually just a few minutes ago) I got a call from an acquaintance challenging my “liking” of a Facebook post.
I was startled.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” – Matth. 11:28

I was confused.
What exactly was the issue?

Well, did I not see that the picture depicted Jesus as a white man?

No, I did not.
And it really didn’t matter. I just like the Scripture.

Oh, it doesn’t matter? Wake up!

I wasn’t to sure as to what exactly I should wake up from, or to.. I simply liked a Scripture.
And in all honesty no one gives a sh*t whether He is being depicted as white, black, blue or green.
Christ was never about “race” and I did not see why he wanted to make this a race-issue now.

Well, because it is one!

I soon became agitated and irritated; not ready to fight a race-war.

He encouraged me to go through the Scripture, not allowing myself be deceived.
The Bible translations I have been reading (translated by The White Man) were forming my thinking.
That was why I was becoming defensive. That was why I wasn’t able to hear or see the truth,

One day the truth will come to you.

But, what is the truth?
The fact that I liked a Scripture?

No, but the fact that Christ was depicted as a white man.
Did I not see that? Had I not read Revelation 1: 14-15 where John describes Christ?
Why was I so easily led astray?

I spent a time considering he was joking..
Metaphors much? Analogies much? Symbolisms much?
The Bible is full of those!

Irritated at the reference itself, totally quoted out of context, he proudly responded,
“See, you have nothing to say because you don’t even understand. I was expecting you to even say “Oh D, thank you for bringing this to my attention, I did not even  see it this way. Thank you.”

I started laughing, totally amazed. Was this a joke?

I tried to remind him of the fact that neither colour nor race mattered. That Christ was about his MESSAGE. That He came as a Messenger, to restore us to The Father; and that all that mattered was The Relationship; not whether He was a black or white man. No one knows what exactly Christ looked like, everyone knows he was “Middle Eastern” though, this was no secret, no revelation.

But he insisted. He was persistent: I was ignorant. I needed to wake up.
As a Christian, it is your duty to agree with all Scripture, not pick and choose. So, now that I brought John’s words in the book of Revelation to you, won’y you accept? So you are basically saying you don’t care about the fact that the picture you liked was a false depiction of Christ.

When all he failed to understand that Christ was never a colour, but simply The Word made flesh..

And so, as voices were raised and he went on trying to make me understand, trying to make me wake up from my slumber, I decided to end the conversation.

Having had these kind of debates many times before, I was surprised at the fact that it was still a real issue to so many people, to so many Christians, to so many blacks.

What really matters (and will ever really matter) is that there is neither Jew nor Greek- but that we are all one in Him. And so, to all those who are struggling with “wrongful depictions” and “false representations”, the best way to ever teach Christ is to be like Him: in words and in deeds.

What really matters (and will ever really matter) is that those who are burdened and those who are weary, find rest in Him.
If a “white man” finds the idea that another “white man” came to bring peace to him more appealing than a man of any other colour or ethnicity, then so be it.. until he meets Him and is renewed and transformed in his thinking.

You see, the truth is that we are all on a journey and God is both dealing and speaking to us in different ways. What really matters is that we allow Him touch us and teach us.. and transform us: into an image of Himself.
An image that is neither black nor white, but simply holy: set apart!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Amazing what people pick to find issues with. I honestly do not entertain them when they come with things like those. So if he was black would it make it any better?

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      My sister, I wonder oo..

      1. Sigh…it is almost comical when they start and sometimes all I can do is groan inwardly….because it does not make sense to waste your breath.

  2. Jamie Carter says:

    He might have needed Jesus to be white to justify his beliefs about other things, like privilege and power that comes with being white. What he doesn’t get is how Jesus exemplified humility. When the people wanted to make him king, he slipped away from the crowd. He was described as unremarkable, like anyone else. Our depictions of him having long straight hair, for example, are way off the mark.

  3. Berry Dakara says:

    Tell your friend he needs to take several chill pills and calm down FOR JESUS!

  4. Jagz says:

    LOL How silly the guy.
    I really would not have given him the time of the day.
    He clearly has many issues.. and needs to reevaluate his relationship with Gode.
    If truly he considers himself a follower of Christ, I wonder..

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