Exciting Stockholm

I just got back from a trip to Stockholm and must say that I really did thoroughly enjoy myself! And when I say “thoroughly”, I really do mean to the fullest extent of the law. You see, I was not quite satisfied with the prospect of spending much time by myself, and – not totally convinced I was necessarily obliged to anyway – I simply decided not to. I decided to sleep at a stranger-turned-friend’s place, to walk up to even more strangers and make conversations, to ask What’s happening tonight?  and then go out by myself, to meet yet more strangers and make them friends, to shamelessly drink nothing but 7Up and water, go on a boat ride, share myself and my life story with the captain, seek out the only Austrian restaurant in town and eat Apfelstrudl, and to attend SOS church (I really do recommend going there!!) and form some more friendships..

I guess, what I really decided to do was take some risks, have fun, be safe and go all out! I must say, it worked out just fine! Although there were a few things that didn’t quite turn out as (well) as I had hoped, I am extremely grateful to Irene, Sam and Bosco who made this trip a wonderful one!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. hrh7 says:

    Beautiful pictures.
    And is that a little Orphan Annie?
    I think it’s nice that you had fun.


    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Orphan Annie? Nope, it’s Pippi Longstocking! 😀

      1. hrh7 says:

        I just saw the red hair and assumed.
        Leave me alone, I’m crying now.

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