Congratulations, Jeny & Arun!

Last weekend was a super special day and I would’t have missed it for the world! One of my dearest and most precious beautiful friends, Jeny, got hitched in Vienna! Well, in a way anyway.. She celebrated her (Indian) engagement and it really was an extremely wonderful affair! I was probably as excited as I had been at my sisters’ weddings and got very emotional too. Quite a number of people flew in… from London, Manchester, Malta, Kalmar, New York and more (I am sure, I did not manage to speak to them all).. Oh, and my two long-time crushes were there too! Oh dear, where do I start? No, no, story for another day..

Anyway, it really was beautiful to spend some time with long-time friends again and celebrating Jeny leaving us singletons behind (us being me *sigh*) and “becoming one” with Arun (a great guy, by the way). Wishing you both laughter, love and all of God’s blessings!!


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