The Treasure Found..

It’s interesting to see just how distracted we all can be; how distracting life gets, really. Just yesterday, however, while enjoying a solitary walk again, basking in our last days of summer and taking in Vienna’s clean fresh air, I was once again reminded of both the sanctity and the brevity of life.

I reminisced  about all the opportunities I had lost because I had chosen to take  a stand for my faith; and was reminded of all the other opportunities I had allowed slip away: opportunities to be wise, share my faith, save a soul.

Over the past couple of weeks the message of Christ has been coming back from all sides. Not the messages of breakthroughs and prosperity that we hear pastors preach to those who come to God for the pleasures of the world, but the true message of Christ: Reconciliation with the Father. Salvation through repentance, for the kingdom of God is at hand.

When did we stop awaiting the rapture of the Church? When did we start forgetting He was our soon and coming King? When did we start believing there was time to just do it, then do some more of it,  before eventually returning to Him? When did we loose focus of the cross and our understanding of the power and purpose of the blood?

It is time to return.

Just as you would with a special treasure found, tell the world about Him. Do it now! Do it loudly and do it proudly. Too many souls depend on hearing His voice in and through your lips, your life.


feel free to say something..

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